Rock A Flock

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WELCOME to Rock A Flock

How many Flamingos do you want to migrate to your friend’s yard?

Small Flock (10 Flamingos)25dollar   Medium Flock (20 Flamingos) 50dollar

Large Flock (30 Flamingos) 75dollar   Super Size Flock (60 Flamingos)150dollar

Or without a flock


Inquiries into this event can be answered by calling (414)374-5433.

How This Works:

A person gives us the information of a friend that they want flocked and pays an equivilant donation for the size of the flock. Example: Joe decides to flock his friend Jim. Depending on his donation to Healing Warrior Hearts, we will go to Jim's house and place a certain amount of flamingos on his lawn. However, Jim will be notified that he has been flocked and offered the opportunity to purchase anti-flocking insurance at an amount equal to the donation that Joe made to Healing Warrior Hearts. 

The flamingos roost up to 24 hours. If Jim doesn't buy anti-flocking insurance the pink flamingos will roost on his lawn in the early hours of the morning and will be removed in the late hours of the evening or early the next morning.

Whether the flamingos roost or anti-flocking insurance is purchased, it's a win for our veterans as the money will go to healing retreats that help veterans deal with the traumas of military service.

So flock often and help our veterans. 






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